Italian Cake Recipe

Ample cocoa pure

24-30 Italian ladyfingers

3 c robust espresso chill

3 tsp darkish rum

2 egg yolk

2 egg white

1/2 c sugar


Combine espresso and rum collectively In a bowl, beat the egg whites till stiff with an electrical mixer. To guide
Combine the egg yolks in one other bowl, with the sugar and the mascarpone till homogeneous. Fold egg whites to combination

Within the backside of a 9 inch springform pan, sprinkle cocoa to cowl the underside utilizing a small sieve.

Rapidly dip the ladyfingers separately into the espresso combination and prepare within the backside of the mould to cowl it
Then unfold 1/3 of the cheese filling, sprinkle once more with cocoa and redo the identical 2 different layers with soaked biscuits, cheese and cocoa
Chill and Serve

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